All residents of Little Havana understand disease prevention and management, and live healthy lives

Primary Care Health Impact Area

Live Healthy Little Havana is working to improve the primary health care system that enables Little Havana residents to find the day-to-day care needed to protect, maintain or restore good health. Primary health care is coordinated or integrated care, regardless of where the care is delivered and who provides it.

The root causes associated with lack of health care access include poverty, ineligibility for coverage (i.e. public benefits) and cost of coverage (i.e. affordable insurance, affordability of health care services that are not covered by insurance), level of education and knowledge of how to access care (i.e. free clinics, FQHC). Live Healthy Little Havana is dedicated to increasing linkage to primary care and related services.

For information about Primary Care Health Services in Little Havana or becoming a member of the Health Impact Team