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Live Healthy Little Havana aspires to create a community where all residents are living healthier lives and to serve as a model for other communities that aspire to living healthier.

In 2014, Health Foundation of South Florida launched a multi-year partnership with Little Havana stakeholders called the Live Healthy Little Havana Initiative (Viva Saludable Pequeña Habana ). The 6-year initiative aims to strengthen the community’s capacity to collaboratively plan and collectively carryout strategies to make this historic neighborhood healthier.


The mission of Live Healthy Little Havana is to help the residents of Little Havana live healthy lives and maintain a community culture of health and well-being.

Our health is largely influenced by the choices we make for ourselves and our families. But the conditions in the communities where we live, learn, work and play also are major factors affecting people’s ability to make healthy choices. Research shows that communities that have safe places to play and exercise, good public transportation and housing, access to high quality and affordable food, readily available health care, etc. have healthier residents. The economic, social and physical environments that surround us can have a greater impact on our health than how often we go to the doctor’s office. In light of this knowledge, the City of Miami and the neighborhood of Little Havana are committed to helping its neighborhoods themselves promote health.

Through an extensive competitive process, The Health Foundation of South Florida selected Little Havana as one of two communities in Miami-Dade County to receive a 6 year (2014-2020) Healthy Community Partnership Grant entitled Live Healthy Little Havana (LHLH).

Our ultimate goal is to improve the living conditions in the Little Havana and make it a healthier place to live.  Live Healthy Little Havana is designed to develop, implement and sustain effective community-level health strategies for the following Health Impact Areas: Housing, Employment, Education & Public Realm. .


Live Healthy Little Havana has adopted a set of values that reflects the core principles that guide our work and the community we inspire to create and foster.

Obtain multi-sector collaboration (e.g., housing, transportation, healthcare, law enforcement, education, planning, business),

Align existing resources,

Generate new resources, and

Foster policy, system, and environmental (PSE) changes in the following health impact areas (chosen as priorities by the Live Healthy Little Havana leadership):

          Public Realm


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